Internet dating 101

That's more or less a staple of online dating profiles.

Most of all I wish you all luck in your adventures!These messages can be spotted most of the time by the fact that they are incredibly short and impersonal, usually just a "hi how r u" or, even worse "want sex with me".Once I even got one of those messages that simply stated "sex?An all-encompassing guide for those wanting to use social media to look for love in the digital age, Internet Dating 101: It's Complicated . Arming people with the tools necessary to attract the mate they really want, this guide helps readers find out what their love interests are really like based on what they are—or aren't—saying, posting, tweeting, or e-mailing. Filled with testimonials from men and women, this relationship reference also includes information on what should and shouldn't be posted on Facebook, appropriate times to tweet photos, the best and worst dating websites, and situations in which it's best to send an e-mail, pick up the phone, or simply chat in person.

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