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Understanding Science Developed by the NCSE to counter common misconceptions about the scientific method.

University of Ediacara An online virtual university created by Talk. Oxyaena's Homepage A website dedicated to defending evolutionary biology against cranks such as creationists, also includes some general scientific material as well. Truth Be Known religion mythology archaeology history astrotheology archeoastronomy Bad News About Christianity Bible Inspectors Compares various explanations for difficult biblical passages.

Holy Koolaid Atheism and free thought blog and Youtube channel Margaret Downey fan site No Beliefs No Need For Religon (NNFR) Non-Theist Friends A site created by Quakers who don't believe in a literal God or the supernatural Post Religion Ramblings on False Beliefs and Religion Rational Thoughts Reason & Reality Religious Criticism Thoughts on modern Religion Right Wing Watch Secular Action Unitarian Universalist Infidels The Thinking Atheist Youtube videos and books digging into atheism and religion The Universal Church Triumphant of the Apathetic Agnostic The Compleat Heretic The website of a Secular Humanist and a Republican Theocracy Watch We f'ing love atheism Atheist Parents Parenting Beyond Belief by Dale Mc Gowan Camp Quest Freethinking Teens Kids Without God A free social website and blog for all freethinkers to post their views and create groups Freethought Blogs The Free Thought Prophet "The Freedom of Thought Can Not Be Taken Away, It Can Only Be Given Away." Freethought Debater Ontario Consultants for Religious Tolerance A website that promotes freedom of religious and non-religious belief.

Talk Design The Intelligent Design (ID) equivalent to Talk. The Clergy Letter Project A letter signed by many religious groups that agree with the teaching of evolution in schools.

The Consensus Project Understanding Evolution Developed by the NCSE to dispel myths about natural evolution.

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Atheist websites of Romania was the first International page made.

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