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We are confident that you will find Instant Hookups as we did — a fresh design on a stable platform with a decent number of women looking for the same thing that you are.

It definitely merits your time and effort to build a profile and take it for a spin.

For those of you who are more detail-oriented — please read on. The user interface for registration is intuitive even for those that have never registered on an online dating platform before.

You are asked to provide your gender, the gender of the partner that you are seeking, and your birth date.

By screening out those that aren’t serious about casual hookups, the authenticity and seriousness of the members are kept high.

Ask yourself this question — would you rather join a site full of unvetted “members,” or would you rather join a site whose members all had to properly authenticate themselves?

To you, we can say that Instant Hookups passes the fundamental sniff tests normally applied to hookup sites. Second, the male to female ratio — even though it leans towards having more men than women — is still within a decent 70-30 range.

To be honest, for casual hookup sites, that is an excellent ratio.

We have reviewed many different dating and hookup sites.Final Word on Instant Hookups Finding a hookup site that is right for you is like finding that perfect pair of sneakers — nothing compares to trying them out for yourself.In our humble opinion, Instant Hookups merits your consideration.In our case, this permitted us to see the volume and quality of the other members on the site.It’s a great way to browse before committing to a membership.

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