Includetext not updating

Learn how to calculate your overhead burden using our free interactive tool and use it to determine the right price for your IT services. The doubled backslashes in the file path are normal and necessary because the character has a special meaning in a Word field as we see in \* MERGEFORMAT. It is the extra \ and quotes before and after the file patch that don't look right. In order for fields to show the correct result, they must be updated.

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I'm not sure that there is a problem if the following method is used. In the 'File Name or URL box', type the full file name, e.g.

If you still see error, right click and update field. Add a space followed by the target bookmark name - jaja.

You will see that the file path and name are now surrounded by quotes and that backslashes have been doubled: "C:\My Path\Mydocument.doc" 10.

If I open up What.doc, and go to the bookmark jaja, I will see the highlighted text. Furthermore, say I include the entire without any bookmarks.

I save this file (What.doc), and then I create a new file. When I toggle to see the field, by pressing Alt F9 after setting my mouse cursor and clicking into the pasted text, then I see something very weird: Not sure I really understand it.

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