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We can attribute this to traditional gender roles, biology, and evolutionary biases that favor aggression and rivalry.If nothing overrides a man’s feeling of inadequacy, he can become anxious and depressed and suffer from low self-esteem.

They asked their subjects to take a math test, then manipulated each man’s result to make it higher or lower than that of an actual woman sitting next to him.Two women in their late 20s walk into a Manhattan bar.One, an energetic blonde named Jayne, is the cofounder of a financial technology start-up.It’s when men have the sense of being outperformed, she says, that “things get tricky in real life.” The finding jibes with previous research, including a Columbia University speed-dating experiment in which single guys valued female smarts—but only up to a point.If a woman they met seemed smarter or more ambitious than they believed themselves to be, they dialed down their romantic interest.

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