How plentyoffish conquered online dating

Almost half of the people who vowed eternal love and support for one another could not bring themselves to stay together.As a result, speed and online dating have reached record levels of popularity, with online and mobile sites and applications making meeting people easier than ever.However, it is the modern world and its pervasive high-speed nature that has penetrated even the innermost corners of ourselves, changing our romantic expectations and wants.Serial daters may think they have cracked the code and beat the system, but that only leaves the rest of us struggling to make do and hoping to not get hurt too badly.In actuality, speed daters are not superficial or even morally loose individuals.They make a conscious bid on bachelor life and all its benefits while keeping a foot in the door of romantic engagement.He or she knows that the excitement of a new relationship makes you feel empowered and on top of the world.

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Serious talks about your relationship are also something to avoid at all costs for speed daters.As a result, the serial dater will always have at all times at least one person with whom to flirt.If you are that person, a tell-tale sign is the fact that you are not included in his or her life.The Pragmatic has all but given up true love, being satisfied by these extreme but fleeting moments of joy.People who fit in this category truly believe in the existence of true love and soul mates and do not see anything wrong with engaging in the dating game.

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