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They’re going for approximately 70% to 75% of the job description, but they’re going with individuals who have high potential and are a good cultural fit.” —Paul Mc Donald, Senior Executive Director, Robert Half“Don’t worry about meeting 100% of the requirements – companies often list these just to weed out people who are completely inappropriate.

If you think about it, a lot of people wouldn’t fill all the criteria that would be listed for their current role, so if you don’t have every requirement, don’t stress too much.

Everyone who’s gone looking for a job knows the feeling. Then you come to the skills list, and you instantly deflate.

You find a job listing that sounds perfect for you. Our Udacity Careers Team spends a great deal of time talking with our graduates, and learning about their job search experiences.

Don’t let a lengthy skills list erode your confidence to the point where you don’t end up applying for the job.

Even worse, they don’t apply.“Companies aren’t going for 100% of the job description.

Jobs can often be altered up or down to suit a great candidate.

Sure, every company is different with this, but don’t rule yourself out for no good reason.”The post goes on to provide some excellent advice on things you can do to counterbalance any areas where you feel you may come up short on skills, including leveraging your network, emphasizing your soft skills, and showcasing personal projects that provide evidence of your commitment, engagement, and experience.

The results were significant:“Not only did the candidate-centered postings draw in slightly more applicants, but applicants’ talent level was significantly higher, with an average of 1.37 applicants per position receiving the highest rating from hiring managers.”Hopefully you’re now ready to go back and reconsider some of those job listings you may have dismissed because you thought you weren’t qualified.

As you do so, consider a self-audit as part of the process: Instincts have gotten a bad rap in our data-driven age, but this is one instance where it’s not a bad idea to go with your gut. If you genuinely believe you’re right for a role, you just might be.

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