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Those with both sterility versions are completely sterile, cannot reproduce, and, thus, die out.

The single-sex plants breed not only with one another but also with hermaphroditic plants and pass on the mutation, which can result in single-sex offspring.

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Sex chromosomes in these plants have two loci-or positions of genes on a chromosome-one that controls sterility and fertility in males and the other in females.Hermaphroditism can take on a diverse array of forms both within and among various lineages of teleosts, including simultaneous hermaphroditism, protogyny, protandry, bidirectional sex change, and androdioecy (Munday et al. Moreover, at least one androdioecious species, , is known to self-fertilize (Harrington 1961).Taken within a broad phylogenetic context, the patchy distribution of various forms of hermaphroditism across a wide range of taxa indicates that this mode of sex determination is evolutionarily labile and has evolved repeatedly and independently among, and within, several groups of fishes (Smith 1975).(Sterile plants also can result, but plants with genes that favor the production of fertile offspring will be more successful.) When inbreeding depression in hermaphrodites is also considered, Ashman said, a gradual decline in the number of hermaphroditic plants is to be expected.Consequently, fewer chromosomes with both fertility versions of the loci will be passed on and the frequency of single-sex individuals will increase. "Two From One: Evolution Of Genders From Hermaphroditic Ancestors Mapped Out." Science Daily. In butterflies, sex is determined by chromosome differences.

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