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The final goal is to be able to publish photos of the many freehand styles, reporting accurately (as far as you can in a virtual context, as an example of an objective analysis should be done with the original pipe in hand , and not showing the reader a simple photo) how to recognize the work of different "master carvers".Other interesting notes can be added about "micro-details" that can be traced back to changes in the eras.At that time I was in touch with many of these carvers in order to learn more about that.The actual challenge of Charatan collectors or enthusiasts is not really the dating (which as you'll see from this article is fairly easy, once you understand the necessary classification on aspects of the various "eras"), but beyond that the ability to recognize the master's hand that created the Charatan pipe.Nothing is said especially of the revival that started in the year 2000, and the move of production of Charatans to Colin Fromm 's Invicta, recently acquired by Dunhill precisely for this revival project, that involves some of the brands owned. Charatan was founded by Frederick Charatan in 1863 in London.Mr Charatan was an immigrant full of ambition who immediately attempted to create an elite product.Frederick's production, that should be properly be named 'Charatan's Make' (and not simply Charatan), had an immediate impact.

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Reuben continued to produce very high quality pipes for many years, as his father had before him.

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There is virtually no detailed literature on that, even though it encompasses at least 4 distinct eras!

From a first Dunhill era dating 1977-1981 where the pipe production continued in the original factory based in Grosvenor Street.

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