Guy unsure dating me

If you like him give it a chance if you dont, dont play games.I try to relax but i just feel like hes thinking i dont like him or something.I have been dating this guy for almost 2 months now and im not sure about my feelings for him.We have good communication and he seems like a nice guy but i still feel shy around him at certain times even though we have had sex. I want to give this a chance and see what happens but i feel myself holding back.You will wonder why this is happening or why she can’t see how amazing you are or much how you love her, you will ask yourself too many questions and you might end up driving yourself crazy, but that’s not going to change the fact that she will be unsure about you.She will make you wonder why it’s always the ones you don’t want that want you and why you just can’t get it right.Look into your heart, does this guy excite you (not just physically, I mean mentally, emotionally? You don't have to know you want to spend your life with him yet, but you should have an idea as to whether you are into him or not, to know whether you want to see where it goes or not.Hi faith, I do not think it is your shyness that is causing this.

She will not meet your friends or bring you around her friends because she doesn’t want to make things official.

We dated for several months and still, I was on edge with him, I could not relax, it took me almost 3 months with him to be able to eat a dang sandwhich in his presense. So, it was not my nervousness, it was my gut screaming at me to get away from this guy.

So, perhaps this is your gut telling you to steer clear from this guy.

But one day you will realize that you deserve better, you deserve more, you deserve someone who appreciates your effort and attention and wants to define things to make sure no one else stands a chance.

You will realize you deserve someone who lifts you up instead of making you question your self-worth and you deserve someone who doesn’t leave you with unanswered questions or treats you like an option.

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