Geo dating

It could be that Tinder now wants to focus on friendships also, and not just on dating.Or it might want to cash in on how other dating apps are using location services to create a more engaging experience for their users – like Happn shows its subscribers the potential matches they have ‘missed’ in their vicinity.Now, to be clear, the apps don’t reveal in which direction the user whose profile is being viewed is from a particular location.And the process of determining that by moving around the victim and recording distance data can be quite tedious.Match Group, the parent company of popular dating app Tinder, is swiping right all the way to the bank.

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“An attacker can remain in one place, while feeding fake coordinates to a service, each time receiving data about the distance to the profile owner.” The accuracy with which user location is shown varies from one app to the other.What we do know for now is that the upcoming location-based features will create “a richer, more enjoyable, more engaging experience that’s more effective [and] will drive greater customer satisfaction and greater word of mouth.” Match Group also acknowledged that all features may not be a hit with Tinder users.After all, privacy issues have a tendency of creeping in whenever location-sharing is involved.Match Group will now be leveraging the large tech resources at its disposal to differentiate Tinder from other dating apps.The aim, it was explained, is to make Tinder something of an overlap between dating and social media.

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