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Sensing an opportunity to make money, Clare also steals £100 and blames the theft on Chelsea, who is fired from her job. Revealing a more vulnerable side, Clare becomes morose and upset on the anniversary of her mother's death, telling Dot that she feels alone and can only rely upon herself.

The following month, she is devastated when Nigel fails to visit.

Clare breaks into Felix's barber shop one evening to find the body but she trips on the cellar stairs and is knocked unconscious.

The adults of Walford fear Clare has been abducted by Felix; they confront him, but find Clare safe and well.

Satisfied with her pay off, Clare realises that Bradley is too good for her and tells him this, refusing to start a relationship, but is jealous, however, when Bradley reconciles with Stacey.Clare flirts with Ian, wears revealing clothes and talks suggestively but she is playing a game and has no intention of taking things further, acting shocked when Ian suggests that she does.She blackmails Ian, threatening to inform Jane of his dishonourable intentions unless he pays to keep quiet but Ian tells Jane himself so she confronts Clare, warning her to stay away from Ian.He propositions her but Clare refuses to have sex with him, breaking down and telling him about an affair she had with an aggressive, married man named Arnold.Arnold traces Clare to Walford, wanting to rekindle their affair but Clare only wanted Arnold to buy her expensive gifts and when he stopped, she fled.

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