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But the good news is it will also be popping up in Milton Keynes and Bristol too.If you missed out on tickets to Friend Fest 2019, don't despair yet.She told me I had no common sense, I replied that she was immature, and in a matter of minutes, we went from virtually inseparable to very separate. We both found other friends and did other things, avoiding each other like the plague — which isn’t A few months after graduation, I learned through a mutual friend that she and her boyfriend had broken up.I sent her the most tentative Facebook message (hey, it was 2007) of all time: “I’m still here, if you ever need me.” She replied shortly after.“A friendship break allows both friends to take a deep breath, reassess the situation and see if they even miss each other during the cooling off period,” says sociologist Jan Yager, author of In some cases, seeking that new perspective can be all the reason you need to hit pause.If you notice you’re fighting more often than usual or you feel like something is off in the friendship, you could probably use a break from your friend, says Nicole Zangara, a licensed clinical social worker in Phoenix, Arizona, and author of That was the case with Amanda, 34, who’s been busy caring for a new baby and focusing on her career.Hollywood has given us many great on-screen duos, but very rarely do they translate to off-screen friendships.

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“She asked whether I would like to meet,” Katie says, “and we took it slowly, speaking on the phone and going for lunches and a few nights out.” Once you reconnect, you may find that your friendship is totally different, for better or for worse.It's self-proclaimed to be the "ultimate celebration of the world's favourite TV show" - which pretty much sums it up.Based in four locations across Britain - London, Bristol, Manchester and Milton Keynes - the event gives hardcore Friends fans the opportunity to live as one of the gang for a day.There will even be the chance to recreate the titles in the snow, and pay a visit to the holiday Armadillo's grotto.The event will take place from November 28 to December 21 2019 at The Truman Brewery, Shoreditch, London.

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