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Their tempestuous relationship lasted seven years, ending in 1911.Twenty years later, she wrote a series of memoirs about their life together which she began publishing.

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Gaby ended up marrying Lespinasse, an American who lived most of his life in France, in 1917. Evidence of Gaby's affair with Picasso only came to light after her husband's death in 1972, when her niece decided to sell paintings, collages, and drawings from her collection.

Unfortunately, that is everything we know about Madeleine.

Where she came from, where she went after leaving Picasso, when she died, and even her last name are lost to history.

It is thought that the characters of Nicole and Dick Diver in F.

Scott Fitzgerald's In 1927, 17-year-old Marie-Thérèse Walter of Spain met 46-year-old Pablo Picasso.

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