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Our support team may be reached on the "Contact" page if you require assistance.

Omegle chat lets you enjoy a live video chat with cool guys and cute girls from all around the world.

Conversation Exchange makes it really easy to find someone to help you learn a language.

You can look specifically for a penpal that you can practice reading and writing with, a partner that is willing to talk with you over voice or video chat, and/or for someone you can physically meet up with.

You can Chat As Guest with many limitations, this will allow you to try if you like the environment.

Registering a User Account allows you to have all the Social features of our Chat, post on the wall, send and receive Friendship requests, have a detailed Profile and more.

In any case, always remember the basic rules, never publish your personal data, your phone number and other information that would endanger your privacy.

Here we will do our best to protect you from the dangers, you have several tools available, you can report abuse with a simple click, ask for help in case a user has an incorrect attitude towards you.

Take full advantage of free language learning resources with online lessons, games, and worksheets to learn popular languages like English, Spanish, and French.

You can also learn sign language and baby sign language online absolutely free.

Our users will help you learn all the functions step by step, over time you can also become a VIP user to access many other features.

If you do not want to create an Account you can simply Login with Facebook, by clicking on "More Options" in the access field.

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