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For further transit information, please contact Translink at 604-953-3333 or click on Trip Planner at Public parking near Holland Park is extremely limited.

All guests will be subject to search for prohibited and illicit items upon entry in the interest of public and patron safety.

Patrons will be not allowed to take licensed beverages outside the fenced beer and wine tasting area. There is a Kids Zone featuring children’s performers, arts and crafts, games plus inflatables available for kids to enjoy near Gate 7.

Minors accompanied by their parent or guardian will be permitted to enter the licensed area. Whether you stay for a day, week or longer, Surrey has a variety of accommodation options for every kind of holiday or visit. A designated Accessible Seating Platform for any patrons with mobility issues or special seating consideration will be located in front of the Concord Pacific World Music Stage and SFU Celebration Stage.

Patrons must be 19 to enter the licensed area, and will produce two pieces of ID (an official government issued I. that include your name, picture, signature, and date of birth such as a drivers’ license or passport and a secondary piece of I. with your name and signature such as a credit card) to receive their DAV wristband.

Once they have a wristband, they can be served a licensed beverage.

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