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I'm wondering if it has something to do with how we present ourselves - like, it's always been incredibly difficult for me to flirt with men because I tend to be very self-assured and a bit masculine in my interactions, and I've noticed this scares them away, whereas the same attitude definitely attracts girls.

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A home for discussion for, by, and about women who like men *and* women.Just recently I started to wonder if bi (or lesbian) women flirt with other women using different tactics than they do with men?I’ve never flirted with a woman before and I feel like I might miss signals or mistake them for friendship. 25 (F) and I feel like a nervous 12 year old asking.... I’ve only been in heterosexual relationships so I feel inexperienced with this. If it’s at a place I feel comfortable, I may be incredibly affectionate and giggly.I think it’s hard to figure out if women are just being friendly or flirting.I feel like I’m just being overly friendly and silly when I flirt with women.

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