Four assumptions that underlie radiometric dating methods parenting dating contracts

Before getting mired in details, it seems appropriate to review some more general considerations that impact this issue.While it is possible that these aspects have been discussed within the Adelaide group in the past, it seems safer to proceed as it they had not, in order to provide a self-contained discussion.However, this naturalistic uniformitarian interpretative framework is not required in order to adequately understand the evidence.

Sometimes this is referred to as materialism, the view that matter is all that there is.This can be demonstrated with a couple of simple examples.Here in Canada we might wake up some morning to observe a metre of snow on the ground and that, currently, the snow is falling at a rate of 1 mm/hr.One of these, known as the Law of Superposition, relating to sedimentary rock layers, states that lower layers are older than higher layers because the lower ones needed to be present before the higher ones could be deposited on top of them.The website of the University of California, Berkeley, says this about this law: “It should also be remembered that Steno’s law is a statement of relative time, not absolute time: two rock layers, in principle, could have formed millions of years apart or a few hours or days apart.

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