Fbuddy chatsites

This can be asked by you, or sometimes even more usefully, by a friend of yours’.

A barrel of apples rarely has a bunch of rotten ones, if any, usually only one, but almost never all. If someone tells you this, I would be wary until getting more information, unless you’re ok with being the other person and knowing about it. If someone wants you to be their F buddy, but wont be your F-acebook buddy, then there’s probably something not Disney-movie-happy-ending going on there.

On the good side, there is the fact that everyone looks after each other.

So if that thought of everyone knowing, would mortify you the night before, just think a little more first. I also realize that if there are any sleaze balls reading this, I might be giving you some ideas that you haven’t thought of.Before going to someone’s cabin, or inviting them to yours, an easy way to find out if they are a sleaze ball or not, is to spend time with them, out of the tiny cupboard that you live in that has your clothes and the only place to sit is on your bed. Do something off the ship, or even on the ship elsewhere first.Meet for dinner, play a board game, go off the ship cycling, actually watch a movie (with other people there or in the ship’s cinema if it has one). Just anything that isn’t simply drinking in the bar or being in a cabin alone. If you’re going to have a night on the sauce, have a designated decider with you.But hopefully if there are, there are also enough non-sleaze balls to balance and rat out these sneaky little techniques.On a serious note, whatever you choose to do, be safe when you do it.

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