So my husband asked me to talk him into coming here. All characters are adults in this story line and are freely experimenting with their fetishes and fantasies. Standing according to height they quickly dropped to their knees in Nadu position.

The Dream You and your buddy and I and or your home. Then quickly leaned over and placed their four heads on the floor and crossed the w… Read more Hi Y’all, A story of a very exciting adventure I had just this morning as I was driving for Uber. LOLA: Yes, daddy ------… Read more This true story is about the SSBBW Emily and I. She has no mobility problems and despite being really big she does not have the typical breathing problems or other issues large people have.

My lover’s eyes grew bigger and bigger as I approached him.

At about the midpoint of my seductive walk to him I paused and pirouetted on… Read more As soon as I saw her I knew, or at least strongly suspected.

I was ready for some fun if any presented itself or at least some good tips from those who enjoyed such an open display of sexuality.

I’d been sitting outside the Denny’s right by Sea Tac Airport waiting to be notified about an Uber pickup.

Then my husband was let on I was chatting with this guy, and he was married but his wife rarely wanted sex and she never gives him a blow job. So the evening when he arrived we… Read more As with the rest of the story. Your buddies wife and your daughter and her girlfriend.I knew that meant more public exposure and taking even more daring risks, I craved the excitement of shocking people and the rush of seeing that raw look of desire for my body in another's… Read more Addison was only 25 years old when she took a job at the largest, most watched television station in her state. In just seven months she received her first promotion and looked to build a great career there.She was making such good money; she was able to move out of the apartment she was sharing and got her own place.I was young, just old enough to begin to feel the urges and lusts of a teenager.Innocent and inexperienced, but so curious and horny. However, I couldn’t help but think about this older boy forcing me, making me, suck his cock.

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