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Poor Seo Hyo-Rim - almost every roll I've seen her in she is a girl who desperately wants a man who doesn't give a rats axx for her.Hwang Jung Eum and Jung Kyoung Ho should really be the leading pair in this drama because their characters characteristics seems so similar.after eight episodes watched, although acting is really great, all I can see in the plot is non-stop crying, coming soon fighting between brothers for the female lead and really static future episodes..I know it depends on individual taste, but for me this drama is just another boring 'tear maker' kind.. great credit to the main cast though for amazing acting (and crying) skills : P noo, I love Ryu Soo-Young and Jung Kyoung-Ho, they're both incredible actors, but I can't force myself to watch this drama... Even if SL loves him deeply and truly but it's unacceptable, moreover, our leading role is SIA, please let the 2 leads come together at least at the end of this drama or everything will become meaningless, not as the title of the drama "ENDLESS LOVE".

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thanks the entire cast and crew for this great drama. The lead actors and actress are powerless in the beginning because they were poor etc., but they all had a dream so they climbed up to the top and educated themselves. Endless Love, it's everywhere in the drama, between people, their dreams and their lifes. Who made Kim se gyeong pregnant whenshe shows up with big stomach in final episode? Tho she turned out to be a powerful woman in the end.. My one fear is Gwang Cheol's love will not have the time to blossom to fruition as some tragedy will befall one of them. The acting by all cast memebers is on point and true to their nature. In Ae's heart is too cold but i hope she warms up and goes to Han Kwang Chul who truly loves her. i am seeing the numbers got reduced from 50 to 37 ....please I hope nothing gets affected.

Maybe their revenge plans didn't go as planned but they're all satisfied in the end. I do think that Han Hwang Cheol and Se Kyung ending up together was a blunder however Seeing Seo In Ae alone in the end was exactly how I seen it play out because of all she went through that was enough to scar her for life. There is no doubt that Gwang-Hoon loved her but his fatal choice in protecting his career sets him apart and not truly worthy of from In Ae's love.

The ending should of been more cleaner then what it was. Been watching this since the beginning bcos of the casts (HJE and JKH) and the story (politic, history, etc). but the last 2eps which were so ruined made it became truly terrible makjang of the year. Obviously seen from the time Gwang Chul struggle to live hardly far away in Japan that title Endless Love made for. This was well done, debate in the group That I am in was that the writer was rushed to finish this and from what I heard they cut it short by 3 episodes which to me was a bummer. I do hope In Ae's opens up her heart towards Gwang-Cheol who is not demanding or obsessive but content with being a "ghost" lover.

i have to agree with everybody that this drama is draining to watch . The ending was just summarized in one little package. Kwang Chul deserves to receive the most love from In Ae, but the writer does the worse job in there. I waited to the end just to see what the writer will give Kwang Chul loves from In Ae in a way that he gives loves to her, but it disappoints me in the end. I'm enjoying this melodrama with its' love triangle and political backdrop makes for exciting and at times heart wrenching watch.

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