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the only thing i would tell about my self that i adore ladyboys I like PES culture Vanilla the music Sea...Jeddah, Russiai am 24 years old man looking for handsome, good looking and well educated men for discrete relationship long term.Hijaz has strong and ancient urban traditions and is the location of Mecca (Makkah) and Medina (al-Madinah).Other important Hijazi cities are Jiddah, a seaport, a commercial center, and formerly diplomatic capital; Taif, summer capital; and Yanbu, a newly developing industrial and longtime port city.Rainfall is scarce except in the area of Asir, where it is sufficient for agriculture on terraced farms and upper slopes and alluvial planes.Rainfall is adequate for the nomadic herding of sheep, goats, and camels and for the sustenance of nondomesticated desert fauna, but crop production is dependent on irrigation from underground aquifers.How can I get the below "Desired Steps" to work so "i DText Box_Validating" only does "validate" on real records, not also when clicking " " on a "0 of 0" records resul Set like the attached ?Is there an button that will do that after you enter in the information?

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Hijaz has agricultural oases, and a history of tribally organized nomadic pastoralism.

Asir has several cities and some nomadic presence, yet it is rural, with farmers living in settled communities largely organized in accordance with tribal and clan identities.

The cultural identities Saudi Arabian citizens express are principally those of Muslim and Arab, linking them to millions of people beyond the nation's borders.

They also identify with the contemporary state and its national culture; the country's name links the ruling dynasty, Al Saud, with the state's cultural and geographic setting.

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