Edison chen dating 16 years old

These photos apparently caught her legs wide open facing the camera.

Gillian later acknowledged that she was "naive" in taking those photos .

But she had to voluntarily declined several movie roles and ads accepted earlier.

She is widely accepted as the "most innocent" woman in the photos.

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Cammi Tse, a 16 years old model that had a leaked photo scandal with Edison Chen last two weeks ago however admitted that she did lost her virginity to that 31 years old actor-singer, Edison Chen after much persuasion and after several passionate photos were leaked.You would think by now Edison would have better sense than to take controversial photos of him and girls! Cammi Xie is trying to claim she didn’t know anything about the scandal because she’s too young.That’s totally believable, except for the fact that it isn’t.Guess this is a good news for him but sadly a bad one for Cammi Tse.Edison Chen is embroiled in yet another scandal - this time, with a 16-year-old schoolgirl.

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