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Second, at I had a much better self assessment process which I could download and read; there were two and they gave you the option to see the woman who there was a 'match' with. We actually do have a technical support team, of more than one person. If you still need assistance, please email us at [email protected] the email address on your account.I did not go to them for a prem as I am still efforting at e/h. Please be sure to thoroughly describe the technical issue you are experiencing and we will be happy to investigate and hopefully resolve it for you."Oh my gosh, we have a team of roughly 20 people working every day to improve our matching algorithm." (They're also working on a career site to apply their secret sauce to the job search).Warren said one of the biggest things he tells people is not to hurry: It could take as many as five years to find "that person" using his site.

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I received your recent inquiry regarding a refund and regret to hear that you have had a less than satisfactory experience using our service.I have called customer service to enquire about membership and they were so nice and proud about their guarantee policy and the certitude of providing the best matches. The app and the matching process are very slow and frustrating.Whithin the first couple weeks I have realised i'm talking to ghosts or none payed members who are no longer active or can't see my profile and read my messages.The company says it has matched 2 million couples that have led to marriages.And according to Warren, they're beating the marriage odds.

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