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In a healthy relationship, these friendships are strengthened. There will come the time when you need other friends.

In unhealthy dating relationships, the couple often isolates itself from others. Yet, unless you take the time to build other relationships now, later when you need the friendship of others, they may not be there.

Dobson speaks to how the responsibilities of adult life often cause couples to become too busy, bored and dissatisfied to appreciate their spouse and marriage, and he offers four great solutions for how to "get it back." In The Undeniable Differences Between Husbands and Wives, Dr.

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Positive constructive changes are produced in one another. A second indicator comes by looking at the relationships around you.

Suddenly, I see something moving in the field beyond the camp’s two barbed wire fences. We will never see each other again.” Turning before I lose all control, I run away. If I did, I know she would see tears streaming down my face. Finally, I speak: “Roma, I was separated from you once, and I don’t ever want to be separated from you again.

Families are working in the field; near the outer fence is a young girl. One day I hear frightening news: We are being shipped to another camp. Now I am free, and I want to be together with you forever. ” I see that same twinkle in her eye I used to see as Roma says, “Yes, I will marry you.” We embrace—the embrace we longed to share for so many months, but barbed wire came between us.

Many Christians in the business world have forgotten the charge to "work heartily for the Lord." On this broadcast, Dr.

Dobson concludes his classic interview with businessman and CPA, Jim Perry.

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