Dougie mcfly dating 2016

The then 23-year-old singer Dougie was devasted and heartbroken after the split and went through depression that made him enter the rehab.

Luckily after treatment, he checked out of the rehab in March 2011 and moved on pretty well.

So if still maintaining a really awesome friendship with an ex is possible, then of course that's the best thing because you've shared so much with that person.

He's had some downtime over the past few months and they've grown close.The injured band member is devastated that he cannot perform this June due to a slipped disc, also known as a disc herniation.Judd said: "I'm absolutely gutted that we've had to postpone the tour.Mc Fly will play three nights in each city with every concert featuring a set list from a different Mc Fly album, plus some of their biggest hits. He's our favorite singer/songwriter, bassist, actor and author Dougie Poynter. The singer, Dougie Poynter is still in the market girls!

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