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When another study looked at Japanese and British newborns, the latter actually showed more self-quieting activity (Eishima, 1992).

On the other hand, Navaho babies are even calmer and more adaptable than Chinese babies (Freedman, 2004).

Right now, we need to identify the genetic causation for these differences in infant behavior.

She trained with Nation’s Capital Swim Club, where she was first coached by Yuri Suguiyama, followed by Bruce Gemmel after Yuri’s departure to Cal. Her time of .63 was incredibly close to the World Record and broke Janet Evans’ long-standing American Record of .22.

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A difficult temperament (colic, excessive crying) is also much more common in babies of Greek or Middle Eastern origin than in babies of Northwest European or Asian Indian origin (Prior et al., 1987).– The behavioral differences between Chinese and Japanese babies must have arisen over a relatively short span of evolutionary time.

Many researchers, even those who are receptive to HBD thinking, have trouble accepting fast behavioral evolution, especially below the level of large continental races.– American researchers are increasingly interested in the possibility that early parental interaction, such as reading to children, can stimulate brain development.

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