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It is known that other reason for high divorce rate in Spain is the financial crisis affecting the clashes among the individuals.The Czech Republic, located in the midst of Europe possesses one of the highest divorce rates of 66% not only in Europe but even in the world.It is known that France has more directness in the society with more common adequacy and tolerance.It is the cause that majority of couples in France are diverted to divorce with their marriage life ending soon.Cuba is considered to be a part of Latin America wherein the rate if divorce is greatest than all other nations in that part.

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Different mind-set of partners and economic circumstances lead to this high divorce rate and breakdown between the two partners in this European country.

On the other hand, Massachusetts, New York, and New Jersey have registered relatively lower divorce rates.

Even though, France is considered to be a land of love with Eiffel Tower in Paris suggest to couples and love, the country has a high divorce rate of 55%.

This statistics led the country to place as the tenth highest country based on divorce rate which is 53%.

It is come to know that in the USA in every one in six seconds divorce takes place, which is not a good indication for country.

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