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The approaching road cuts through an array of standing stones that rival Stonehenge.

Footpaths skirt a massive circular ditch dating back five thousand years, Europe's largest Neolithic henge, that loops close to the village centre and out across the fields.

Not being able to take their pain away sucks so much balls. Normally, before I go on a Tinder date I engage in just the right amount of online banter. Cool dancing and hair accessories came before me, so I’ve been upping my cool dance moves in a bid to improve my hotness. While filling the chasm between ‘I do’ and getting blind at the reception, someone congratulated someone else on being married for a shit load of time.

This informs me whether they get dark humour, like Liam Neeson and have just the right amount … Never thought I’d ever be on a list, especially one focused primarily on hotness. What followed was an exchange of congratulations between people in long term relationships (LTRs).

This gave the early Britons the security and time to build their first monuments to their early gods.

And around Avebury they built like nowhere else, carving out the remarkable structure of Avebury Henge, lifting standing stones to stand in serried rows and spending a hundred years building Silbury Hill, layer by layer, to rise up above the rolling plain.

Read more Being in the presence of a grieving friend is a privilege – another human being trusts you to see them at their most vulnerable, and that is undoubtedly a beautiful thing.

It can also be uncomfortable, challenging and really fucking hard. He was a 6 foot 4 Fijian dude with a cute smile and great abs. Read more I went to the wedding of a gorgeous friend recently.

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Contestants pose questions to a hidden panel of potential dates, then select one based on the answers. Contact reporter Sonya Padgett at [email protected] or 702-380-4564.They win a night out with dinner and a show, Salas says. Twelve resident DJs play an open music format, everything from hip-hop and rock to house and electronic music. DJ AM and DJ Jazzy Jeff are among the celebrity DJs who have appeared at Ditch Friday. Yep, leaving town can actually be good* for you after a break up – whether it’s a few days, a few months or a sea change that allows you to reinvent …Read more After being fucked around by a bunch of shitty dudes, Kate Mc Avoy of 1 Year of Single gave them up. In the midst of being dude-free, the New York local started an Insta account, which shares her poignant, cheeky and always honest thoughts on relationships, and of course, living an …

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