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payment of Disability Allowance stopped after 13 weeks.

Where a claimant is married/in a civil partnership/co-habiting, the following provisions apply: If a spouse/civil partner/cohabitant is not in receipt of a social welfare payment in their own right other than Disablement Benefit, Family Income Supplement or Child Benefit or is not participating on certain approved course(s), where the rate of allowance payable is equivalent to the maximum rate of Jobseeker's Allowance then the weekly means assessed are deducted from the full family entitlment to Disability Allowance (full personal rate, full qualified adult rate and full qualified child(ren) rate to arrive at the weekly rate of Disability Allowance payable.

Disability Allowance was payable to persons who were resident there provided that the Health Service Executive is not funding their maintenance.*From January 2005, the Health Boards were replaced by the Health Service Executive.

For persons who were resident in an institution and were not eligible for Disability Allowance because their maintenance was being met in whole or in part by the Health Service Executive, a special €35 - Disability Allowance personal expenses rate – was payable from 1 June 2005.

The payment was made by direct payment to the institution where the person resided.

The institution transferred the full payment to the individual account of the person.

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