Did taylor kitsch dating minka kelly

He just kept his head down and did what he always did: worked.

("If there's such a thing as over-prep," he says of his nose-to-the-grindstone ethic.) In the last few years, he's chosen lower-profile projects, often ensemble, most notably (directed by Ryan Murphy), an Emmy Award–winning HBO movie about the AIDS epidemic.

We shake hands, say hello, and listen as the waiter recites the specials. It sounds like a fun and glamorous existence, only it wasn't.

Kitsch, who has just turned 34, points to his menu. "It's not like I was this mainstream fuckin' runway model," he says. I lived in an apartment in Spanish Harlem with no electricity, and then I lost that, so I'd just catch the blue train.

, the HBO neo-noir in which Kitsch is a lead in the new season, along with Rachel Mc Adams, Vince Vaughn, and Colin Farrell—a show that's ensemble but the opposite of low profile, the first season like a William Faulkner parable of good and evil rewritten as a pot-boiler by Jim Thompson, and so beautifully shot it made rural Louisiana look like a dreamscape (or nightmarescape)—should give him forward propulsion, not to mention a second chance at stardom. According to Kitsch, "80 percent" of his lines were improvised, a number that sounds high, though it would account for the natural rhythms of his dialogue and the show's all-around feeling of authenticity. Kyle Chandler, 's Coach Taylor, says Kitsch was "the most extreme" when it came to off-the-cuff riffing.I'm afraid that Kitsch is going to be a world apart from Riggins—that he'll talk in actorspeak, use the word process a lot and tell me about the benefits of a gluten-free diet, gaze into every reflective surface, and fluff his hair.I'm afraid that meeting him will kill the fantasy, basically.He's a man's man whom women are drawn to, yet is, essentially, solitary.(Tellingly, the word Kitsch uses most often to describe Riggins is loner, also the word he uses most often to describe himself.) And Riggins is every bit as much 's martyr as he is its stud.

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