Did frankee and eamon dating quotes about intimidating others

The question at the time was, was it a massive publicity hype or the real thing?

One will never really know even now, exactly 10 years after the event.

She had been working with several well-known songwriters and producers for her debut album, which was about her relationships and her friends’, The Good, The Bad and the Ugly.

She commented at the time, “The most important thing is that the material had to be great and that the songs had an authenticity, a believability about them.

Her instincts were correct and her demo tapes led to offers from several record labels.

What’s more, she had been recording long before Eamon.

The recent US black term for a prostitute ‘ho’ is permitted, and so Eamon has called his music, Ho-Wop.

Eamon’s regretful song after discovering that his girlfriend was cheating on him was a soul ballad that combined Smokey Robinson with rap.

The 20 instances of the F-word were bleeped for airplay by taking the word and reversing it whenever it occurred, giving the record a curious splicing sound.

The six instances of shit were bleeped and also the reference to head, although that had been permitted in Lou Reed’s Walk On The Wild Side some 20 years earlier.

When the track flopped she was immediately dropped.

She later did some modelling for FHM and Maxim magazines.

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