Datingdirectaffinity com

You also cannot have an account for each site using a single email address, in case you wanted to sign up for both.

There would be few advantages to this doubling up in any case, and we would recommend looking at them both and choosing your favorite.

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After joining this site for six months costing £114, I had approx 200 text alerts, then because I had not cancelled my membership due to being rushed to hospital for an emergency opperation, I was automaticly signed up for another six months, I tried to explain to this site that it would cause me extreme hardship, mainly because I would be out of work for at least three months, they told me that it was their "policy" not to refund any money or reduce my membership.

From there you can check each member out, see what they have to say, peruse their photos, and get in touch. There are no search options to consider here, as you can only find suitable matches, rather than taking a chance on someone random.

You might think that this restricts your potential dating pool, and, whilst this is in some ways true, it does mean that you won’t have to wade through the weeds to find someone special.

Still, we do feel it could benefit from a few more communication tools, allowing you to talk with members in more ways than just sending an email.

Life’s often about finding balance, looking for someone who fits you and your lifestyle.

That’s the aim of Dating Direct Affinity: matchmaking for people who want to find a partner based on their personalities.

It does this by asking each member to complete an online personality test, then compiles the information and makes recommendations of members it thinks you’d get along with.

It’s also part of the family (which includes Match Affinity), so is used by a decent number of people who are looking for something similar.

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