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“We fled from Taizz, and I was so scared that I got asthma.” Ms. The trauma women and girls endure during conflict is often compounded by shame and stigma.

Ali’s asthma put her baby, too, at risk of developing health problems. “That is why sexual violence is so often employed as a weapon of war,” said UNFPA Executive Director Dr.

They also committed to funding response efforts in South Sudan and Yemen that target the most vulnerable, including women and girls.

“We need to deliver on the promise of meeting basic human rights in crisis situations,” said Crown Princess Mary of Denmark.

State of World Population 2015 We live in a world where humanitarian crises extract mounting costs from economies, communities and individuals.

How has the conflict in Yemen affected daily life for people in the country?

For instance, the deteriorating security situation in Sana’a means that people cannot even access their work place.

But working from home is challenging with the regular power cuts.

Nearly 10 million children are in need of humanitarian assistance.

Children are being robbed of their childhood as they come under attack, their future hanging in the balance, unable to learn or fulfil their potential.

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