Dating women with children inconvenience

I’d witnessed friends trying to leave the house with their kids, cramming one more snack or stuffed animal into an already overflowing diaper bag, trying to anticipate every need that could arise.

Stuff represented the weighted-down nature of motherhood, the tether to a role I wasn’t sure I wanted or was suited for.

I seesawed wildly back and forth about having kids.Then there was the fear of losing my identity as all my skills and past accomplishments morphed into one faceless blob called “Mom.” Would I inevitably become one of those women I avoided at parties, the ones who can only talk about their kids?Would all my professional achievements fade into the background as I obsessed about nap schedules and the consistency of my child’s poop?Like accidentally seeing your parents naked, ambivalence about motherhood makes people uncomfortable.This ambivalence extended to the way I prepared to welcome baby into our home.

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