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Visit official Canadian Vehicle Specifications page for more details.program WMIPing; uses Sys Utils, Active X, Com Obj, Variants; function Get Status Code Str(status Code:integer) : string; begin case status Code of 0 : Result:='Success'; 11001 : Result:='Buffer Too Small'; 11002 : Result:='Destination Net Unreachable'; 11003 : Result:='Destination Host Unreachable'; 11004 : Result:='Destination Protocol Unreachable'; 11005 : Result:='Destination Port Unreachable'; 11006 : Result:='No Resources'; 11007 : Result:='Bad Option'; 11008 : Result:='Hardware Error'; 11009 : Result:='Packet Too Big'; 11010 : Result:='Request Timed Out'; 11011 : Result:='Bad Request'; 11012 : Result:='Bad Route'; 11013 : Result:='Time To Live Expired Transit'; 11014 : Result:='Time To Live Expired Reassembly'; 11015 : Result:='Parameter Problem'; 11016 : Result:='Source Quench'; 11017 : Result:='Option Too Big'; 11018 : Result:='Bad Destination'; 11032 : Result:='Negotiating IPSEC'; 11050 : Result:='General Failure' else result:='Unknow'; end; end; //The form of the Address parameter can be either the computer name (wxyz1234), IPv4 address (, or IPv6 address (206B:4179::836B:4179).The NHTSA Product Information Catalog Vehicle Listing (v PIC) Application Programming Interface (API) provides different ways to gather information on Vehicles and their specifications.The v PIC Dataset is populated using the information submitted by the Motor Vehicle manufacturers through the 565 submittals.There may be a temporary lapse in the availability of the v PIC application during this time.If you have any concerns regarding this migration, please contact [email protected] is recommended to always send in the model year.

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Next(1, FWbem Object, i Value) = 0 then begin if FWbem Object. Response Time0 then Writeln(Format('Reply from %s: bytes=%s time=%sms TTL=%s',[FWbem Object. WMIs may be put in as either 3 characters representing VIN position 1-3 or 6 characters representing VIN positions 1-3 & 12-14. This provides a list of all the Manufacturers available in v PIC Dataset.Parameter "Manufacturer Type" allows to filter the list based on manufacturer type (Incomplete Vehicles, Completed Vehicle Manufacturer, Incomplete Vehicle Manufacturer, Intermediate Manufacturer, Final-Stage Manufacturer, Alterer, or any part of it), optional.In case of partial VINs, a "*" could be used to indicate the unavailable characters.This provides information on the World Manufacturer Identifier for a specific WMI code.

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