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In other words, the team improved the psychometric quality of the existing best practice methods for measuring the various relationship needs. The models for the nine relationship factors were studied and interpreted by a panel of clinical psychologists, statisticians and relationship experts.

This panel then prepared the general feedback and customized �Action Plans� that form the feedback reports.

A good rule-of-thumb in love and dating is �in matters of the heart use your head.� Before people become involved with someone, many unfortunately fail to consider carefully what their unique needs, desires and expectations are in a partner and a relationship.

Therefore, the Relationship Needs Assessment will help you take stock of these issues in a clear and objective way.

Scaling and bias testing analytics were applied to the raw data collected from that survey.

These analytics allowed us to identify test items and questions that form unbiased scales for each of the nine relationship needs.

The Relationship Needs Assessment is an original and innovative assessment commissioned by Markus Frind of Plentyof Fish.

I can not count how many times I've been stood up at the last hour before we were supposed to meet.....Note that it may take longer for those people whom English is a secondary language.However, the questions are presented at an 8th grade reading level so most people will find the tool easy to read and use.The Relationship Needs Assessment is not a personality or compatibility test.Rather, it is a unique resource to help you know yourself better and what specific issues and questions to explore with others so that you will satisfy your overt and hidden needs in a relationship. This is because the test questions were selected based on the fact that they showed no mathematical bias due to variables like a person�s age, sex, sexual orientation or the type of relationship for which they were looking (casual, long-term or both).

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