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Tammy tells him about her choice to move to Louisville to get a fresh start in life and get closer to him.

Missi leaves Greg to be with Keith and Tammy befriends Becky and Larry.

However, they do still take a trip to Niagara Falls.

At Niagara Falls, Bobby surprises Tammy there and they kiss.

He offers to kill Greg for her, though she declines.

Returning home, Tammy finds that Greg and Missi have packed Tammy's belongings. She walks down the street to her parents' place and finds out that Pearl is now living in Brookview Retirement Home.

She, Lenore, and Susanne grieve Pearl's death, but Pearl suddenly awakens, much to everyone's shock.

Pearl wants to go to Niagara Falls with Tammy since she hadn't gone as a child.

Tammy brings coffee to Pearl, who is presumably asleep outside.

After repeatedly trying to wake her, Pearl does not wake up and Tammy assumes she is dead.

Bobby gives Tammy his number to call him so he can pick up Earl.

Back at the hotel, Tammy is forced to sleep outside.

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