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Alex's mum, Maria, is adamant that there is no way the couple will be having a child.

"It'll be up to Glen and I to raise it and we're ageing and we can't possibly raise it," she says.

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"[She says] I don't want children because it's hard enough me trying to organise myself and I've still got so much to learn and I still make lots of mistakes."But she acknowledges that "what she says now and what she says in five years time could be vastly different".

If you feel that counseling could be helpful, please look up counselors available in your area.

It was late in the day, and as she travelled through her familiar city, she fell asleep.

"They can have a dog."It's a question that raises heated debate in the wider community.

Is it infantalising and unfair to deny someone the right to have children?

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    Marriage, on the other hand, is a legally binding commitment to one individual with which there is an intimate bond which matures over time. Both types of relationships can be fulfilling for those involved yet still have their separate advantages and disadvantages which are linked to physical, mental and financial well-being.

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