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WEBCAM IMAGES – FAKE-IDENTITY-CARDS – FAKE-PASSPORTS – MORE PROFILE DESCRIPTIONS – AND MORE IMAGES USED BY SCAMMERS, HERE: – IMAGES COMPOSITIONS – MORE PROFILE DESCRIPTIONS – AND MORE IMAGES USED BY SCAMMERS, HERE: – SEAMAN STEPHEN MURPHY also known as: Abdlu Musa, Able Luendric, Able Seaman, Ablysir Bertram, Achiles Inger, Adam Fit, Adam Fite Luenderick, Adams Cameron, Adams Smith, Adley Brandan, Agnis Adriaena Aron, Agofure Eunice, Aiden Manfred, Al-Bahri Ahmed, Albert Edward, Alessio Marcellino, Alex Carter, Alex Jackson, Alex Johnson, Alex Larry, Alex Maek, Alex Martin, Alex Mata, Alex Morrison, Alex Nick, Alex Philip, Alex Smith, Alex Well, Alexander Havens Brett, Alexandru Popescu, Alfred Hoffman, Alfred Huttunen, Ali Arif, Allen Bale, Allen John, Allen Moore, Allen Smith, Allex Nick, Alonso Demer, Anabtawi Myrna, Anderson Aldi, Anderson Brown, Anderson Davenport, Anderson Donny, Anderson Willimams, Andrew Anderson, Andrew Browen, Andrew Clark, Andrew John Smith, Andrew Marc, Andrew Marcus, Andrew V.

Crouger, Andwer Adcock, Andy Bright Ray, Andy Wilson, Angelo England, Angelo Love, Anita Hammond, Anthony Brandan, Anthony Folwer, Anthony John, Anthony Ryan, Antonie Walker, Aplay Paul, Armist Harris, Arnesen Kenneth Korsrud, Arnold Clyde, Arnold Ruddock, Arnold S. Spencer, Arthur Herman Spencer, Arthur Herman, Ashey Noel, Audwine Axel, Austin Kirch, Austin Larry, Austin Miller, Barr.

We've heard from pet sitters who have never been members, but received emails about being "found on the PSI site." Fortunately, it's typically easy to spot a scam—and there's always one foolproof measure to ensure you don't get scammed: NEVER accepting a pet-sitting assignment or payment until you've met a potential client in person at the initial consultation. This particular email was distributed by [email protected]

In 2018, we also became aware of a new scam targeting pet sitters—and this scam didn't come from a fake "potential client." Instead, the email was in regards to a United Foundations Grant and included the PSI logo. The United Nations (nor PSI) would use a gmail address (all official PSI communications come from the domain).

Here's another recent scam we've seen making the rounds via text and email: We find that most of the scammers follow the same steps; after making initial contact (if you respond), they ultimately want to send you a check (often cashier's check) for their payment in advance (and often inform you that they will need to send a check for over the amount they owe you and ask that you send the remaining money to another company/service provider for them.) The checks are forgeries (although they often look legitimate) and some pet sitters have deposited the checks before they realized they were being scammed.

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Security measures were added to PSI's Locator to ensure that scammers couldn't simply "scrape" emails off of the site (i.e. Haar, Robert Walter, Robert William, Robert Wilson, Roger Derrick, Roland Bales, Roland Douglas, Roland Jermaine, Roland Luther, Roland Mark, Roland Rockey, Roland Walker, Roland Wilson, Rolland Pinito, Ronald Buffet, Ronald Petersen, Rowland Carter, Roy Brian, Roy Wayne, Royce Kelvin, Ruben Davidson, Ruben Worthington, Rudolf Leone, Russel Smith, Ryan Dempsey, Ryan Gabriel, Ryan Jeremy, Ryan Jeremy, Ryan Jones, Ryan Jordan, Sammy Carter, Samuel Appiah, Samuel Crawford, Samuel Edwin, Scort Bernal, Scoth Brown, Scott Alvin, Scott Anderson, Scott Harry, Scott Neuman, Scott Petris John, Scott Raymond, Scott Thomas, Scott Wilson, Seaman Stephen Murphy, Security Company, Selim Shehata, Seth Farrari, Seward Company Ltd, Sgt. Murphy, Stephen James Murphy, Stephen Larry, Stephen Morgan, Stephen Murphy, Stephen Roy, Stephen Smith, Stephen Walkman, Stephen Waterhouse, Stephen Webber, Stephen Wilson, Steve B. Jab, Robert Ivanoff, Robert Jabron, Robert Johnson, Robert King, Robert Leal, Robert Maines, Robert Palmer, Robert Peterson, Robert Smith, Robert Stewart, Robert Talker, Robert W. Raymond Taylor, Shawn Sturgeon, Shedreck Mathew, Simon Hardy Wells, Smart Walter, Smith Bronson, Smith Bronz, Smith Gary, Smith Gordon, Smith Jones, Smith Muller, Smi th Peterson, Smith Swartzbough, Smith Williams, Sortto Ray, Stanley Wood, Stephen Franz Murphy, Stephen J. Chandler, Raymond Afachao, Raymond Carson, Raymond Chandler, Raymond Glenn, Raymond Hirsch Afachao, Raymond Hirsch, Raymond Kern, Raymond Morgan, Raymond Pedro, Raymond Taylor, Raymond Walter, Rechtsanwalt Ibrahim Nurudi, Regan Asante, Rich Love, Richard Bailey, Richard Carter Walker, Richard Dalton, Richard Giberson, Richard James Brown, Richard Jones, Richard Kern, Richard Maker, Richard Nikolay, Richard Rodriguez, Richard Sean Wood, Richard Smith, Richard Walker, Richard William, Richard Williams, Richard Wood, Richardson David, Richie Kamp, Richie Robert, Richmond Walker, Richy Smith, Rick Johnson, Rita Agnes Waly Schurmann, Rob Daily, Robeez Andrea, Robert Alton Brown, Robert Bob Jabron, Robert Boyd, Robert Court, Robert Courty, Robert Cruise, Robert Davies, Robert Donald, Robert Hammond, Robert Hook, Robert Howard, Robert I. Robertson, Peter Morgan, Peter Smith, Peter Wilson, Petraeus David, Philip Eric, Philip Gross, Philip Jerry, Philip Steward, Philip Walker, Philips Pohl, Phills Harrison, Philps Pohl, Poul Willem, Presly Ryan, Prin Wood, Prince Selby, Quarshie Mawutor, Ralph Allen, Randy Lawson, Raphael Durman, Ras Kotoka Jr., Ray Oderno, Raymond A.

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