Dating racoon carcass

What makes this podcast such a delight is that the narrator, Scott Benjamin, is what you may consider a person unhinged by darkness. As a researcher who delves into the world of True Crime – looking up crime cases, staring at crime scene pictures, uncovering narratives of some of the most devious acts committed by man – there does seem to be an unnerving effect done on his very own persona. Reality then blurs with the imaginary, when Scott now finds himself in a tight spot. With him living out a dual sinister life in his dreams, his bloodshot eyes speaking some semblance of truth in the gloomy stories he dwells in, Scott now harbors a guilty and dirty shame he can’t seem to shake off.

Perhaps with him staring into the True Crime abyss made him – as he admits on the podcast – a person with a dark secret. But what if those demons – the monster – are just but a representation of yourself? And that is just the start of this amazing podcast!

By learning the ins-and-outs of the business he was currently employed in, Herb decided to take the plunge and start his own business. From a profitable store that provided affordable items, Herb and Juliana soon expanded by opening another branch.

Who would have known that Herb would have earned a lot from this venture? It was also the location where Herb acted out on his carnal desires.

With so little supervision, she became more and more prone to wandering far from her home.

It was her misfortune to have been hunting for specimens for her bug collection by the tracks the evening that the cougar passed by.

The girl, Jasmine Johnson, lived a few blocks from those tracks in a small, under-furnished house, part of a projects development in which drug dealing and turf battles were becoming a way of life.

After the different – and perhaps bizarre – disclaimer on the show, Scott then dives into the main topic – the murders committed by Herb Baumeister.

Zoo spokespersons had tried to downplay the urgency of the situation, fearing the sensational media response and accompanying outcry from animal rights organizations.

They had hitherto been successful in convincing police that the animal was born in captivity, was relatively young (just a year and a half old) and small (110 pounds). That was until the attack on the girl, after which everything changed.

Scott claims in the podcast that Herb suffered from a mental condition that made the criminal sexually attracted to a doll.

Considering the large number of dolls found in the pool house, Herb may have been living out a seedy fantasy of being in the company of inanimate females.

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