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On that topic, and out of curiosity, how do you feel when some guy starts to suck on your toes?It gets me hard just thinking about shrimping some woman's sexy toes. Still wondering though whether, fine-fetish-that-it-is, one is born with it, or whether it's developed?Randy, do you like women to massage, suck, tickle, and adore your feet?Hi Water Goddess, I suppose there could be a good argument that one can be born with a foot fetish just as one can be born to have some other kind of fetish such as maybe a tickling fetish. Perhaps in the womb there was a little tickling going on? List or check out for sale and wanted parts, carsand trucks. Post aboutsports cars, American-made cars, European and Asian cars. Get tips onkeeping your house organized or if you feel like air your views. Participate invendor and private classified listings. Over 800 members, with over 3000messages on all aspects of digital photography, equipment andaccessories with manufacturers listed on alphabetical order. 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