Dating in the scottish borders

Another abbey, this time below the Eildon Hills in the pretty town of Melrose.Probably the most famous ruin in all of Scotland, it was once loved by Robert the Bruce himself, and the chapter house was chosen as the final resting place for his heart.), and never miss an opportunity to indulge when we’re on holiday.There are lots of establishments across the Scottish Borders who offer this quintessential mid-afternoon experience, but we decided to try the Roxburghe Hotel near Kelso since it had roaring log fires and a few yummy local twists.It’s a great place for a picnic on a sunny day, which I’m assured does sometimes occur in Scotland!Top Tip: just before you get to Scotts View there’s a tiny car park and a short walk which leads to an enormous William Wallace Monument. Visiting the Scottish Borders isn’t just about heritage and good views.She had patience and enthusiasm in equal measures and before long even I was hitting the reds.So proud of myself and it definitely, almost certainly, well hopefully, wasn’t down to just a bit of luck. The smaller girlie ones were called ‘angels’ and in theory should have been easier to strike with seeing as they had 4 points.

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We’re huge fans of afternoon tea (because after all, who doesn’t love cake!Top Tip: at the west end of the nave there’s a tiny spiral staircase which leads up to a balcony on the first floor giving superb views of the entire building. He’s the chap who famously wrote , and was one of the most popular 19th Century writers in Britain.Growing up in Edinburgh and the Scottish Borders, Scott set many of his ballads, poems and novels in the local area, the success of which allowed him to build a magnificent estate on the banks of the River Tweed which further added to his creative inspiration.It also makes sense to combine a visit to Scotts View with Dryburgh Abbey (no. It’s also about having fun, and there was one activity which topped this list with ease. You know, just your average day out, with added axes.I was a little apprehensive before we arrived, but not because I was scared of the weapons.

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