Dating good looking people

It can be disheartening to be part of a competition for someone’s affection, and people may not want to risk being turned down.

After all, this is the first thing that many people see when they meet another person.

Attractive people are often seen as sexual creatures and nothing else.

Their agency is stripped from them and people often refuse to see them as wholly realized people with interests and opinions.

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Good-looking people often have a stigma attached to them that assumes that they’re loose.

Everyone loves drama, expect when it comes to drama based around your looks.

When it comes to being attractive, there are plenty of good things that come with it.

There are plenty of reasons that someone who is beautiful and fit may have the same dating woes as everyone else.

Social psychologist Lisa Slattery Walker explains, “We have a whole set of cultural ideals about beauty that let us say if someone is attractive – and through those same ideals, we begin to associate it with competence.”While this may not seem like much of a problem, having too many options when it comes to dating can be just as difficult as having no options at all.

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