Dating for highly intelligent people ree dating site for seniors

Yes, you may avoid pain, but you’ll also avoid joy.Further, this detached, guarded way of being can give other people the mistaken impression that you’re cold, detached and unfeeling.Try to remember that what ended your last relationship needn’t end this one.Try to give everyone a clean slate when it comes to dating.

While it’s not the case that only unintelligent people find love, there is ample evidence that being of above average intelligence creates more problems than solutions.

Any time you make a decision, you likely do so on the basis of relevant memories, risk assessments, and predictions about the future.

These abilities will ensure you thrive in the most professional settings, but they can make you view people in a highly negative light and can encourage you to make assumptions based on highly unique past relationships.

Then we’ll turn to the five most significant reasons why this link exists.

Throughout, we’ll note how these problems may be affecting you, and we’ll offer suggestions for positive change.

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