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Of course, you can give a crude approximation of some of the facts in a dream.You can say ‘I dreamed that I was walking down Regent Street with a porcupine wearing a bowler hat’ etc., but this is no real description of the dream.Certainly the dream-thoughts take a hand even when we are trying to think verbally, they influence the verbal thoughts, and it is largely they that make our inner life valuable. The main movement in it will be a stream of nameless things — so nameless that one hardly knows whether to call them thoughts, images or feelings.In the first place there are the objects you see and the sounds you hear, which are in themselves describable in words, but which as soon as they enter your mind become something quite different and totally indescribable.I don't know whether everyone would admit this, and it is a fact that some people seem unaware of being influenced by their inner life, or even of having any inner.I notice that many people never laugh when they are alone and I suppose that if a man doesn't laugh when he is alone his inner life must be relatively barren.

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All likes and dislikes, all aesthetic feeling, all notions of right and wrong (aesthetic and moral considerations are in any case inextricable) spring from feelings which are generally admitted to be subtler than words.

Still, every at all individual man has an inner life, and is aware of the practical impossibility of understanding others or being understood — in general, of the star-like isolation in which human beings live.

Nearly all literature is an attempt to escape from this isolation by round — about means the direct means (words in their primary meanings) being almost useless.

When you are asked ‘Why do you do, or not do, so and so?

’ you are invariably ware that your real reason will not go into words, even when you have no wish to conceal it; consequently you rationalize your conduct, more or less dishonestly.

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