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Many guys are shy to meet parents and it's stressful for them, but this guy sounds like he's got too many secrets to hide and feels your parents (almost always wiser than the young) will catch on to who and what he is. Some parents are strict & don't want you to date until this age or that age; other parents are more lenient & don't care as long as you're honest about it & let them meet your boyfriend.

I would want to meet the guy that my daughter is dating and you're a smart girl if you are the one that really wants to introduce him to your parents. There are several groups in Los Angeles for single parents.

A few of them are The So Cal Singles Mamas and Papas, The Redondo Beach Single Parents Meetup Group, Long Beach Working Parents, Single Mom Tribe and Conscious Parents.

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On Saturday, the two reportedly took a "spontaneous trip" to Matt's family home in Rhode Island and spent some quality time with his mom.

She knew exactly who I was, it felt good to know he had been talking about me.

The longer the amount of time you date, the more formal the meeting becomes.

If you live in the same city as your girlfriend’s parents, you may feel meeting them carries less weight than if they live far away from you and your woman. Walking a block from your apartment to grab brunch with your girlfriend’s parents sends a less purposeful signal than flying from New York City to Shanghai for the express purpose of meeting her mom and dad.

Still, the difference between traveling halfway down the street and traveling halfway around the world to meet your girlfriend’s parents isn’t nearly as large as you might think.

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    “The two of us are not anti-sex,” the couple states.