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As the title indicates, the automobile has played a big part in those changes.By giving young people more mobility, one-on-one boy-girl contact has gone from a public, almost family setting in the parents’ home to a private and intimate setting.Often in isolated relationships when a breakup comes, other friends have been or will be alienated, leaving the former partners even more isolated and lonely at a time when they both really need friends.

So if his first book is not really against all dating, what’s the point? Having a series of short-term relationships that include physical intimacy not only means you give away part of your heart to many partners before marriage, it also sets up a person to view marriage as a potential short-term relationship instead of the lifelong commitment God intended (Matthew 19:6).It often mistakes a physical relationship for love.A later chapter talks about looking up “love” in God’s dictionary to see what it should entail.The most obvious thought might be of higher education, but even developing skills and talents can be stunted when one’s attention is focused on steady, intimate dating.An undesirable consequence is discontentment with God’s gift of youthful singleness.

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