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I was kind of a late bloomer and didn't have much sexual experiences when a cousin came to spend the summer at my parent's house.

We were born the same year and were close as youngsters.

She was a woman that wanted sex and I was happy to do my part to give it to her.

Cutting all the crap of these kinds of stories she was just a frumpy, neglected, housewife that normally I wouldn't have paid any attention to.

Neither one of us believe that and I agreed this morning that she could stay at my house to save the expense of the hotel.

She always asked to come over to my place to watch TV and just hang out. We saw each other on occasion as we lived 4 states apart, but nothing was ever mentioned or acknowledged about the past.A couple of years ago I read an article in a newspaper, there were 2 college kids from south Africa who met and started dating.They began having sec and the young girl got pregnant and they decided to marry and where very much in love.But the idea of a fantasy son or brother is really hot. I applaud everyone here who is open about their incest past. I used to think that incest was the worst thing anyone could do but after joining Lit and reading all the replies I have changed my ideas about it. As far as I am concerned using that ridiculous piece of fiction to justify anything borders mental delusion. I would never think about mother, father and I don't have any siblings.I still think consenting adults--related or otherwise--should be free to do what they like. However, using the Bible as a means to predict genetic problems among offspring of incestous relationships is insane. We were both fine with it right up until she found religion. Lucky for me I don't believe in that nonsense I don't think I would ever risk a child with a close family member. I still have no desire to have sex with any family members (although I do have a really cute cousin) but I have participated in incest roleplay and found it very exciting. I do find the porn videos hot especially mother/daughter lesbian.

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