Dating an alcoholic man

And because of the nature of his addiction, it revealed itself slowly. Deep down, I knew from the start that he had a problem. I worried about his safety and what turns the weekend would take.

And if I’m being honest, I knew from the first few days, that this was not where I belonged. Of course, there were some good things, like there always are. Going to any event gave me total anxiety because I knew he’d likely drink too much and embarrass us both.

…but dating someone who isn’t committed to healing – well, that’s on you.

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You know it’s not your job to help them, but you just can’t help but try.If you’ve ever dated an alcoholic (or anyone else with a complex issue), I know you can relate. Or at least it should be – and not a passive state that becomes your reality.Because let me tell you, it comes with its fair share of challenges – challenges that I know, all too well.This can be easy to do, because perhaps right now his drinking has not yet reached the point where he is having critical consequences affect his life.You tell yourself he still has a job, a home, hasn’t been pulled over for any DUIs, and your relationship is pretty good.

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